map: Where to Sober Up in Las Vegas


Naked flesh, rampant gambling, endless buffets; Las Vegas is a place made for losing your inhibitions, but what happens when you take that last stumbling step too far? If you’re a bettin’ man or woman, you check yourself into a clinic and clumsily amble your way back into civilized society. While there’s always rapid detox under anesthesia, you might try hiking and river rafting during your stay at Solutions Recovery or getting in a quick nine holes after a Gambler’s Anonymous meeting at Silverstone Golf Club. Who said getting clean had to be difficult?

Zachary Feldman

map: Drinking in Grand Rapids

[Flickr/Super Fun Squirrel]

If you ever find yourself on a soul searching journey to Betty Ford’s grave in Grand Rapids, Michigan, do yourself a favor and down some booze along with all of that gratifying inward reflection. Cocktail nerds will want to hit up The Viceroy, while those on a steady diet of Schlitz and liver medication would do well to stumble over to Anchor Bar. Whatever your pleasure, the Furniture City has plenty of venues fit for drowning your sorrows or lifting your spirits depending on the realizations you come to while confronting your own mortality.

Zachary Feldman

map: Los Angeles’ Other Black Friday

[Flickr/Erotic Sex Salon]

Home to tall tales and even taller blondes, Los Angeles also boasts a thriving fetish subculture — those whose Thanksgivings were more concerned with safewords than basting birds. While most of us binge on leftovers and trample each other to snatch up cheaply-made and cheaply-priced gifts, why not head over to Perversion at Club Vertigos or drift off into the glow of an erupting neon phallus at Faultline. If you gave thanks this year for surviving yet another high heel to the testicles, this map’s for you.

Zachary Feldman

map: Defending Yourself in Minneapolis

[Photo: Krav Maga Minneapolis]

Let’s be clear: you’re probably not going to run into any trouble in Minneapolis. But on the off-chance that danger rears its ugly head, wouldn’t you like to be ready? After all, this is the city that gave us Jesse “The Body” Ventura. There are a number of ways to go all Weston Cage on a Mill City attacker, from “the way of the flowering manhood” at Hwa Rang Do Martial Arts Academy to grappling would-be Chuck Liddells at Warrior’s Cove. And remember, if you see local resident and host of Bizarre Foods Andrew Zimmern walking towards you with a determined, wide-eyed stare, chances are he just wants to share some delicious treats, so keep those roundhouse kicks to yourself.

Zachary Feldman