map: Partying on the Isle of Man

[Flickr/Isle of Man Newspapers]

With just over 80,000 inhabitants on the entire island, the Isle of Man makes for one intimate excursion. The Manx, as locals proudly refer to themselves, are a revelrous sort, as much up for a pint of cask ale at a local pub as they’re willing to krump-out on the dance floor at one of the island’s few night clubs. Whether sipping a cocktail at Jaks Steakhouse in Douglas (the island’s most populous town) or downing a pint at The Creek Inn quayside in Peel, get ready to feel the Manx love. Don’t worry, they’ll be gentle — the threat of winding up in Europe’s only non-smoking prison is enough to keep most people in line. Folks love their smokes.

Zachary Feldman