map: Drinking in Dubai

[Flickr/Gary McGovern]

The City of Gold for those who can afford it, Dubai is rightfully considered a Middle Eastern Las Vegas (minus the legalized prostitution and families of oversized Americans). Like its splashier inbred cousin to the west, excesses are still very much in abundance despite economic woes, and since you need a permit to purchase alcohol directly, hotel bars and restaurants are your best bet for finding a stiff drink. You might try swaying with the crowds at Club Africana, downing a pint at Churchill’s or peacocking at the weeks-old Chameleon Club. Unlike Vegas, what happens in Dubai needn’t be kept a secret, and also unlike Vegas, there’s a Shake Shack to quell your hangover. All the legal prostitution in the world still can’t top a Shack Stack.

Zachary Feldman