map: Defending Yourself in Minneapolis

[Photo: Krav Maga Minneapolis]

Let’s be clear: you’re probably not going to run into any trouble in Minneapolis. But on the off-chance that danger rears its ugly head, wouldn’t you like to be ready? After all, this is the city that gave us Jesse “The Body” Ventura. There are a number of ways to go all Weston Cage on a Mill City attacker, from “the way of the flowering manhood” at Hwa Rang Do Martial Arts Academy to grappling would-be Chuck Liddells at Warrior’s Cove. And remember, if you see local resident and host of Bizarre Foods Andrew Zimmern walking towards you with a determined, wide-eyed stare, chances are he just wants to share some delicious treats, so keep those roundhouse kicks to yourself.

Zachary Feldman