Women’s March on Washington

1. Go with or become part of an affinity group.

An affinity group can be as small as you and a friend. You’ll trade essential info with each other: Name, etc., support people outside the march, lawyer’s phone, any medical conditions, what to do if you get separated. You will keep track of each other. If you decide to temporarily part from the group, you will tell them why and where you are going. This march is not the time to boldly go it alone.

2. Watch out for “instant intimacy” with a sister marcher.

We early Feminists often learned too late about the infiltration tactics of those opposed to us. There was the charming new group member with whom women felt instant intimacy — and who asked personal and political questions about the other members of the group. There was the “sister” who started gossiping about other women: “Have you noticed that Jenny takes up too much time talking about her personal stuff?” “Do you think that Annette is a just a little power hungry and bossy?” There was the new member who almost immediately advocated breaking the law.

A powerful show of solidarity engenders closeness and warmth between the participants. It’s easy to confuse those heightened feelings with a deep connection. Take your time to get to know the fabulous woman you just met. And remember the words that were posted over the phone in my 1965 urban anarchist collective: Loose Lippies Bust Hippies.

3. Have your butt covered should you be considering civil disobedience.

Establish contact people outside the march, have a lawyer in place, know who your bail contributors will be. Carry two phones, just in case one is lost or taken. Talk with friends about your plan. Listen to what they tell you.

4. It’s going to be cold in D.C.

Wear layers and have extra socks, sweater and gloves in your backpack. Be prepared to have to walk longer and further than you might at first have planned. A thermos of something hot is a good idea. Be sure to eat breakfast before the march — lots of protein and whole grains for fuel. Remember that local restaurants are going to be jammed.

5. Don’t expect other people to take care of you.

Bring what you need. If you are diabetic, bring your supplies. Asthmatic, be sure you have your inhaler. On medication, bring enough. Tell your affinity group what meds you have with you and what you might need.

6. While there well may be sympathetic security folks, don’t count on it.

Curb your impulse to trust; at the same time, don’t go hostile. Pay attention. And, honor what the march leaders tell you to do.

7. Use all your senses.

Rather than burying your nose in your phone, look up, listen hard, sense the energy of the people around you. Be ready to change strategy at a moment’s notice. But, before you do, check in with your affinity group. This march is about We, not I.

8. Know that as you march, there are women unable to be with you — and their spirit carries you.

I broke my kneecap three-plus weeks ago. I won’t be able to march even here in Flagstaff. My doc and p.t. have told me that I must not fall. But, I’ll be watching on my computer and I guarantee you that I’ll be filled with gratitude. And pride.

America’s Favorite Buildings

B4MKC0 New York City, The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Main entrance exterior on Fifth Avenue.. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown.

The highest priority on the rundown is unequivocally skewed towards the upper east, particularly New York and Washington D.C. who assert between them 16 of the main 20. General New York has 32 sections, while D.C. claims 17 and Chicago a respectable 16.

Washington Monument – Washington, DC

It’s fascinating that arrangements for a landmark to George Washington were initially examined in 1783, development started in 1848, and consummation came in 1884 and people in general got in 1888. His adherents needed to manufacture one as tremendous as their regard and commitment and numerous were rejected for being excessively gaudy for the new Republic. The lift that was included 1889 is still what guests ride to the perception decks and their colossal perspectives of the capital. Actually, it is a great Greek-enlivened monolith of 555 ft. in marble, stone and bluestone gneiss. It likewise contains about 193 remembrance stones gave for incorporation. The givers went from the Sae of Utah, the Welsh individuals of New York to the Ottoman Empire.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral – New York City, NY

The neo-Gothic Cathedral of St. Patrick is the biggest Catholic Church in the United States and surely among the most wonderful. Its marble-clad block exterior must been an effective, forcing site when it opened in 1879. Its 330ft twin neo Gothic towers took off over the area and were said to be noticeable for twenty miles, since predominated by growing high rises.

Inside it has the traditional shape of the Latin cross. Its altars were designed by a Borgia, a Medici and Tiffany &co. Its renowned stained glass was crafted in England but the rose window, in the Gothic tradition was crafted by Charles Connick, a master of stained glass who the New York Times described as “the world’s greatest contemporary craftsman in stained glass.” A Pieta, three times larger than Michelangelo’s in the Vatican was added in 1906. Five million people go every year to worship and just experience this architectural wonder.


Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial – Washington, DC

U ndoubtedly loaded with impalpable significance for Americans, the dedication is a significantly moving knowledge wherever you’re from. Straightforwardness can induce an expressiveness the most fantastic outline may not. The façade of the 600 foot straight dark mass of Indian stone records the names of the 58,175 names Americans who kicked the bucket in the war. Its impact is escalated by the choice to develop down as opposed to, as though to reflect the drop into the profundities of the savagery on the plunge into the and in the end, after the last name to rise a touched and changed individual, once again into the place that is known for the living. Maya Lin, a Chinese American from Ohio was only 21 years of age when she won the commission. There are 57,939 names on the first. Last time anyone checked, that has developed to 58,286. In a 1983 meeting distributed in the AIA Journal, Lin clarified her motivation, “I considered what demise is, the thing that a misfortune is. A sharp torment that decreases with time, yet can never fully mend over. A scar. The thought struck me there on the site. Take a blade and cut open the earth, and with time the grass would recuperate it.”

Chrysler Building – New York City, NY

In the same way as other gems the Chrysler Building opened to terrible surveys. It was rejected as an attention stunt by Chrysler to beat the Manhattan Bank to culmination and depose the Eiffel Tower as the world’s tallest working at the time. Its draftsman William van Alen was likewise rejected as a “Dr. of Altitude.” But its Art Deco style has developed in stature since its prime in the 1920’s and 30’s. It came to be viewed as over the top kitsch however went to end up its own school of furniture, publication workmanship and phones. The Chrysler is one of the remnant of a dying breed, the Art Deco high rise. A counterpoint to the grave Vietnam dedication the Chrysler emanates the brash, sure advanced extravagance of Art Deco getting it done. In the event that it had a perception deck, it might well have overshadowed the Empire State working in ubiquity. Its inside is yet all the more dazzling. Forlorn Planet guides propose the best perspectives are from the side of third and 44th. On the other hand humorously from the perception deck of the Empire State. Where else would you be able to see foreboding figures in the picture of Chrysler auto parts?


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map: (Some Of) Seattle’s Best Drinking

[flickr/Paul David Gibson]

If AMC’s The Killing has taught us anything about Seattle, it’s that living there is a very wet affair. True to form, the booze and brews flow freely at places like the Zig Zag Cafe and West Seattle’s Beveridge Place Pub, where patrons can drench their whistles to match the soggy weather. And just like in The Killing, when things start to get hazy in the Emerald City, it’s all too easy to become embroiled in a series of red herring twists that ultimately lead to nothingness. Oh, right…spoiler alert?

Zachary Feldman