Photo of the Week 249: Burma

I’ve had a busy week since we last checked in. I prepped tons of content for the upcoming weeks, trained for an upcoming 5K run, answered a bazillion emails, had a blast for St. Patrick’s Day, oh… and went to Burma.

Unfortunately, no, it wasn’t for the two-week girl’s trip I was so excitedly planning this year — a post on why that trip got cancelled is still in the works — nor for the liveaboard I’ve been dreaming of joining for ages. It was for a visa run. A bureaucratic necessity for many living in Thailand, a visa run in the south consists literally of shuttling to the border, boating into the special district of Kawthaung, getting your passport stamped, boating back into Rayong, and going about your merry way.

The funny thing is you can’t actually enter Burma from Kawthaung beyond a small zone tightly surrounding the city, unless you’ve already obtained a visa for the country in Bangkok. But you can go in and get that stamp, paying Burma ten American dollars for the privilege. Not that I’m complaining. In my case that stamp bought me an extra thirty days in the country beyond my two already-extended visas, for a total of seven months altogether in Thailand.

I promised myself I wouldn’t do any visa runs this year as I’d rather take the excuse to do a weekend away in a neighboring country. But ah well. With so much on my plate and so little time left in Thailand, it seemed crazy to leave for any longer than a boat ride back and forth to Kawthaung.

Since I otherwise left my cameras up on the shelf this week, today’s snaps come courtesy of my ever-so-brief time in Burma. I hope you’ll enjoy.

Photo A

Burma Visa Run From Koh Tao

Photo B

Burma Visa Run From Koh Tao

Photo C

Burma Visa Run From Koh Tao

Photo D

Burma Visa Run From Koh Tao

Which photo is your favorite?

Note: If you’re wondering why I call the country in these photos Burma instead of Myanmar, it’s simply because on the island I currently live on in Thailand about a third of the population is Burmese, and they unequivocally refer to their home country as Burma. I just follow their lead.