AT#231 – Travel to Taiwan

The Amateur Traveler talks to Matt Anderson about a recent trip to Taiwan during the Chinese new year celebration. Matt, who is an English teacher in South Korea, started his trip in Taiwan’s capital of Taipei before exploring the eastern coast and the rich heritage of Taiwan’s aboriginal people in the south.

In Taipei Matt recommends eating at the Shilin night market where the fried chicken and the sausage are particularly good. Matt and his girlfriend also went to Taipei 101 (which is now the world’s 2nd tallest building), the Chiang Kai-shek memorial, and an assortment of temples including the Confucius temple, the Bo-an temple and the Longshan temple.

Matt explored the rugged and less populated east coast on a bike trip that started in Hualien. He visited the Taroko Gorge near to Hualien and nearly spent a night in jail… but it’s not what you think.