AT#499 – Travel to Guizhou China

What to do and see in Guizhou China. Travel to Guizhou China - Amateur Traveler Episode 499

Hear about travel to Guizhou China as the Amateur Traveler talks to travel writer Gina Czupka from about her trip to this off the beaten path destination.


Gina took a trip to this province in southwestern China which “is coming up on the radar in more places. It was just named to the New York Times list of 52 places to travel in 2016. I personally think it is a place you should go if you really want to see an unusual side of China that is disappearing.”

The region is richer in culture and in scenery than it is commercially. An old saying goes that “in Guizhou there are no 3 kilometers without a mountain, no 3 days without rain, and no 3 coins in one pocket”.

Gina is a textile collector. She says “I base a lot of my travel on places I can go and see heritage textiles being made and see them living in a culture. Guizhou is one of the most exceptional places in the world to do that.”

We start in the provincial capital of Guiyang which is the easiest access point, but then focus in on a series of villages around the city of Kaili. Kaili itself has weekend textile markets with a wide range of goods. “You will see mind boggling diversity. You’ll see felted silks in some of the textiles. You’ll see folded appliqué silks. You’ll see hemp, indigo dyeing, these incredible embroideries, just a rainbow of techniques that are so labor and time intensive.”

In Kaili, they saw a Lusheng festival (the Lusheng is a Hmong musical reed instrument with multiple bamboo pipes) where they got to see the musicians and dancers, taste the local food and even witnessed a Chinese bull fight.

While she usually travels independently, Gina did find that the use of a guide was helpful as the guide was the only person they met who spoke English. They made good use of the Google translate app.

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About Travel to the Westfjords of Iceland – Episode 497 Steve wrote:

Hi Chris,

I just listened to the Travels to the Westfjords of Iceland Podcast. I really enjoyed it.

We’ve been to Iceland three times now. The last time we took a cruise that went along the west and north shores of Iceland. We stopped at many ports and used each port as a starting place to explore the surrounding area. It was a small Princess Cruises ship (700 passengers) that could get into almost any port. Princess put together excellent shore tours which we enjoyed. Iceland is as beautiful and challenging as Katie described. You really need a lot of time to explore this section Iceland.

Happy travels,


I also heard recently from Barry Kramer who has written often for the Amateur Traveler:

Hi Chris;

I was listening to this week’s episode of the Amateur Traveler on the Dominican Republic and I began think about how much I look forward to hearing your podcast each week. At this time of the year, I wanted to let you know how much I really appreciate all the work you put into the podcast and Amateur Traveler Website.

The first time I listened to the Amateur Traveler, I felt I really got what you were trying to accomplish. I am one of those persons who really likes to hear about other people’s vacations and trips. I love hearing details, personal impressions, stories, and experiences. They really help me to think about all the wonderful and interesting places there are around the world. The variety of locations you have addressed is amazing, and your consistency in posting the podcast on a regular basis is admirable. I can truly say, that is some way, I find all the stories interesting and informative.

I also appreciate the way you always treat each guest respectfully and try to get the most out of them. I can tell that it is not always easy. In addition to providing a lot of entertainment, the information from the podcast is also really useful. Last year when I went to Peru, I checked back episodes of the Amateur Traveler to help with my planning. I also did this recently to help plan a future trip to Ireland.

Each year I do podcasts with the students I teach, so I know you put in many hours bringing valued and useful information to your listeners. I also appreciate you providing an outlet for me to write about my experiences by publishing my travel reports and articles on your blog. I have learned a lot from the process.

I wish you and your family a really wonderful holiday!

Looking forward to hearing about many interesting places in the new year,

Barry Kramer

What to do and see in Guizhou China. Travel to Guizhou China - Amateur Traveler Episode 499

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