AT#500 – Travel to the Maldives

Travel to the Maldives - Amateur Traveler Episode 500. WHat you can expect in this tropical paradise.

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Hear about travel to the Maldives Islands as the Amateur Traveler talks to Jennifer Dombrowski of about her visit to this tropical paradise.

When asked why someone should go to the Maldives Jennifer says, “You know that screen saver that comes on when you turn on the computer for the first time and that pristine white sand beach with the palm trees that seem to be swaying at you pops up? I am convinced that those screen savers are pictures of the Maldives. It really just looks like that. You think before you go these pictures have got to be Photoshopped but they’re not. The water is that clear and the sand is that white. It’s such a gorgeous destination that… how could you not want to go?”

“There are a lot of activities. First and foremost diving. It’s a world class diving destination.”

Jennifer says “40 years ago no one had really heard of the Maldives. It is a country. It is located in the Indian Ocean southwest of India. What’s really special about the Maldives is that it’s this long chain of islands. All of these islands are geographically dispersed over a really large area. It’s actually 1,100 different islands that make up the Maldives although only around 300 are actually inhabited. The islands are very very small. For instance the island we stayed on you had to run around it 7 times to make a lap of one mile. Typically a resort will rent out an island and it’s just that resort that is located there.”

Traditionally known as just a luxury destination. Jennifer says that is changing somewhat. “The Maldives government has recently recognized that they want to open up more to budget travelers and also to travelers who are seeking a more culturally diverse experience there. So something new that they’re trying, just within the last year, is that they’ve given permits to locals to open up guest houses. These are usually a private room in the local’s house that they will rent out to you.

As we arrived [by seaplane] there were dolphins jumping out of the water as if to greet us. You can see the dark blue of the coral reef that surrounds these sandbar islands and you’re just memorized by it”. Come listen and dream about this your vacation in the Maldives.

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Travel to the Maldives - Amateur Traveler Episode 500. WHat you can expect in this tropical paradise.

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