AT#506 – Travel to Basel, Switzerland

Travel to Basel Switzerland - what to do, see and eat there


Hear about travel to Basel, Switzerland as the Amateur Traveler talks to Claudia McCoy about her hometown.

Claudia says, “Basel is really becoming a world city. Probably famous over hear is Art Basel / Art Miami, they’re in conjunction. It’s a huge art exhibition. Then theirs the jewelry and watch industry that’s also really big in Basel. It features a lot of great restaurants. In February / March it has the Swiss Carnival”.

Located as the last big city on the Rhine River, Basel has kept its historic town center. It has art and history museums and a dollhouse museum that Claudia recommends. Kids of all ages will enjoy the Museum dedicated to the works of Jean Tinguely, known for his kinetic sculpture.

“First I would just walk the old city. It has a beautiful red town hall with a gorgeous gold roof. These European towns have all of these little allies that you want to explore. Basel still has 3 of the original city gates including the Spalentor.”

The Rhine goes through the city. You can take cruises or bridges across the river.

The Basel Tattoo is a military music event that attracts bands from across the globe. It features drum and bugle corps but also rock, folk and classical music.

The date that Claudia really recommends to be in Basel is for the Carnival which happens around the first of Lent and starts with a 4 a.m. torch light parade. There are masked musical performers and floats that include political satire. The celebration starts in complete darkness as they turn out all the lights in the city.

Basel is centrally located and easy to combine with other parts of Switzerland or even nearby France and Germany.

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Hi Chris,

I meant to send this weeks ago, but better late than never.

I have been a long time listener and always enjoy your show, I really like the variety the different guests bring while you are so very consistent, somehow the show is always a surprise while being exactly what I expect.

While I work to travel, it is never enough but your shows help me ease the cubicle blues and keep me looking forward to my next trip (currently St. Petersburg in September)

I just wanted to say that I was so pleased to hear your voice after listening to my second favorite podcast DTNS. It feels like a natural fit for you to bring a travel tech voice to DTNS.

Keep up the fantastic work



Travel to Basel Switzerland - what to do, see and eat there

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