AT#532 – Travel to Helsinki, Finland

Travel to Helsinki - What to do, see and eat in the capital of Finland


Hear about travel to Helsinki, Finland as the Amateur Traveler talks to Inna from the Finnish Family Travel Blog about her hometown.

“In Helsinki the sea is around you all the time. You have an amazing opportunity to create a holiday with nature and the urban life. You can experience the sea easily without your own boat in Helsinki, because we have lots of islands here by the shore where you can take a day cruise and even the public bus ticket is valid on the boat. You can easily take a 20 minute ride to Suomenlinna Island which is one of the UNESCO Heritages. There are lots of restaurants on the island and most of the restaurants have their own boats. Most of them have a shuttle service every hour.”

We talk about some of the other sites in Helsinki like Rock Church, the Lutheran Cathedral, the Orthodox Cathedral and museums. We also talk about different restaurants you should try.

Helsinki is a walkable and bike-able city. Inna bikes everywhere, all year long and recommends you based yourself in the downtown for easy access to all the sites. Inna also recommends you get out of town to experience nature in some of the Finish National Parks nearby. And, of course, no trip to Finland is complete without a sauna.

Inna says that the Summer time is the best time to come to Finland, from May to September., but whether it is on a long summer day or a short winter one, come see what Helsinki has to offer.

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Show Notes

Finnish Family Travel Blog (not in English)

City of Helsinki



Helsinki City Centre

You Are Here Helsinki



National Museum of Finland


Uspenski Cathedral

Temppeliaukio Church

Nuuksio National Park

Haltia, the Finnish Nature Center

Carnival of Light 2016

First of May


Jean Sibelius

Flow Festival

Restaurant Gaijin Helsinki

Gula Villan

Putte’s Pizzaria

Street Gastro

The World’s Most Public Sauna



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Travel to Helsinki - What to do, see and eat in the capital of Finland

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