AT#541 – Travel to Republic of Georgia

Travel to Republic of Georgia (Podcast)

Hear about travel to The Republic of Georgia as the Amateur Traveler talks to Samantha Guthrie about this ancient country in the corner of Europe.

Samantha says, “I think the biggest draw about Georgia in general are first it’s still undiscovered amonst most main stream tourists. A lot of bloggers or indie tourists will tell you ‘yes, absolutely Georgia has to be on your list’. Most people who visit it, it goes easily in their top 3, top 5 best places to visit. It’s a really amazing country but the tourist industry is still in the early stages. If you’re looking for luxury you can find it here but at a relatively reasonable price. But I think where the country really shines is in the guest houses, small towns, and mountain villages. When you start going into adventure sports, outdoor exploration, nature travel, that’s where you really get the full force of Georgia.”

“Almost any kind of vacation or travel experience you are looking for you can find it in Georgia. A peaceful few days lodging on the Black Sea coast or if you are looking for a more upbeat nightlife kind of atmosphere you can go to Batumi, the big beach town. There are big international music festivals. There are great hiking trails in the high mountains. You can go skiing. You can take a wine tour through rolling hills. There are so many options and the small size of the country means you can do it all in a short period of time.”

For your first visit Samantha recommends you start in Tbilisi, the capital, for a couple of days before you head north to the small towns of Mtskheta and Kazbegi for a couple of days. Spend one day in Gori and then 2-3 days on the Black sea coast in Batumi.

Along the way we see some beautiful mountains, old monasteries, wine country and even a museum dedicated to the famous Georgian Joseph Stalin.

Georgia lies on the border of Europe and Asia. It has both ancient roots and a very short recent history as a newly independent nation from its neighbor to the north. Come see why more and more people are discovering this Georgia.

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Show Notes

Love At First Layover

Democratic Republic of Georgia


International recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Georgia UNESCO Sites



Bagrati Cathedral

Gelati Monastery

Sataplia Cave

Prometheus Cave

Alaverdi Monastery

Old Tbilisi


Bridge of Peace


Rustaveli Avenue

Freedom Square


Barbarestan, Tbilisi

Museum of Soviet Occupation

Mtatsminda Park

Shardeni Street

El Centro


Svetitskhoveli Cathedral

Jvari Monastery



Gergeti Trinity Church

Arsha Waterfall


Rooms Hotels

GEM Fest


Alphabetic Tower



List of Georgians

Stalin Museum







Rabati Castle

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Travel to Republic of Georgia (Podcast)

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