AT#545 – Travel to Oklahoma City

Travel to Oklahoma City - What to do, see and eat (Podcast)

Hear about travel to Oklahoma City as the Amateur Traveler talks to Sheila Scarborough from Tourism Currents about what she calls a “tremendously underrated destination”.

Sheila says “I think it is an interesting combination of the pioneer spirit of the state of Oklahoma, which has some interesting history of how it was formed, and a very modern outlook. I think a lot of people who know nothing about Oklahoma don’t really know what to expect from it, think perhaps the people all fit a certain mold they have in their head about what we call “red states”. That’s not necessarily true for the entire state and I just love the way the city combines its history and an energetic modern outlook. There’s a tremendous sense of possibility in Oklahoma City, very forward leaning, very forward-looking. It will exceed your expectations, absolutely.”

We talk about some of that history of Oklahoma, Including the Trail of Tears and the Sooners. Sheila recommends coming to Oklahoma City during the Red Earth Festival to see some of its native American heritage. But we also talked about strange and quirky museums in Oklahoma City like a museum dedicated to banjos and another dedicated to pigeons.

We talk about some of Oklahoma City’s neighborhoods like Bricktown which is a reclaimed warehouse district, Automobile Alley which used to just have car dealers, Deep Deuce which has its roots in Oklahoma City’s African-American history, and the Boat House District which houses the USA Olympic Rowing Training Facility and even includes a man-made white water course and zip lines.

Oklahoma City is the home of the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum and at least a few good steak houses. It is the capital of Oklahoma and may have the only capitol building with an oil derrick on the front lawn.

Sheila takes us outside of the city on Route 66 or I35 to discover diners that feature soda pop of bold colors, classic smalltown main streets and the Chickasaw Cultural Center nearby.

Along the way we talk about where do you do good steak, Good slice of pizza, or good flight pie.

Whether you come to Oklahoma City on business, for the deadCenter Film Festival, or just virtually visit with us on amateur traveler, I think you’ll enjoy this look an interesting city “where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain”.

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Show Notes

The City of Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City

OKC’s Red Earth Festival

Red Earth Museum

deadCenter Film Festival


Oklahoma Thunder


American Banjo Museum

Oklahoma City Dodgers

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

Trail of Tears

Land Rush of 1889

Travel to Oklahoma with Robert Reid from Lonely Planet – Episode 295

The American Indian Center

Myriad Botanical Gardens

The Skirvin Hotel

The Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum

Oklahoma City Museum of Art

Colcord Hotel

FLINT Restaurant

Metropolitan Area Projects Plan

SkyDance Pedestrian Bridge

Oklahoma State Capitol

Automobile Alley

Boathouse District

Plaza District

The Mule Restaurant

Pie Junkie

Bird Dog Whiskey

Asian District

Deep Deuce District

The Wedge Pizzeria

The American Pigeon Museum & Library

Oklahoma City’s Adventure District

The American Pigeon Museum & Library

Cher Ami (Pigeon)

Pops Soda Ranch (Arcadia)

Arcadia Round Barn

Adventure Road (I35)

Chickasaw Cultural Center (Sulpher, OK)

City of Guthrie

Norman Oklahoma

Historic Stockyard City

The Diner (Norman)

Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, Located in Historic Stockyard City


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“The #1 travel podcast”

Becky from the UK:

To say this review is long overdue is an absurd understatement. I’ve listened to and gotten immense value from the Amateur Traveler for nearly 10 years!! It works on every level — practical, inspirational, educational. It is one of my first ports of call when planning a trip and has helped me craft itineraries everywhere from Barcelona to Ayuthaya, Thailand to Croatia, Iceland, Vietnam, Laos and many more I’m surely forgetting. It has also introduced me to countless corners of the planet including Socatra, Gambia and Georgian Bay. Thank you Chris for doing what you do. You are a cornerstone of the podcast world, unrivalled in the travel category and should be immensely proud of the catalogue and community you’ve created.

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Anna from Russia:

I am both a traveler and an occasional travel blogger, so I go through a LOT of travel-related content on a regular basis. I’ve tried dozens of travel podcasts and Amateur Traveler leaves the competition far behind. Thanks to the host Chris Christensen’s guidance, each destination-focused episode delivers the right mix of personal storytelling and universally useful information. Chris knows when an episode has “worked” – or hasn’t, and needs a re-do – and when a single feature on a major destination just isn’t enough. At this point I have listened to more than 300 episodes out of 500+, and have enjoyed comparing travel notes to my own experiences, as well as used the episodes for trip planning and destination ideas. I’ve also discovered wonderful travel blogs and other podcasts, such as Join Us In France, that were featured by Chris. I am looking forward to thousands of episodes more 😉 !

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Travel to Oklahoma City - What to do, see and eat (Podcast)

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