AT#564 – Road Trip in Central Mexico

Central Mexico Road Trip Itinerary (podcast) - what to do and see and where to go

Hear about a road trip in Central Mexico as the Amateur Traveler talks to Amie from about a trip they took near Mexico City.

Amie and her husband Matt are on a long multi-month road trip from California to Panama. They are not “big city people” so they were more interested in some of the sites around Mexico City than in the city itself.

They start us instead if the amazing archeological site of Teotihuacan which is a series of large pyramids and other temples an hours drive from Mexico City. This was a city that pre-dates the Aztecs who thought this must have been a city built by giants. The tallest pyramid is half the height of the Great Pyramid in Egypt, but this one you can climb to the top.

From Teotihuacan, we drive two hours to El Chico National Park and the town of Mineral del Chico. This park is a cool pine forest.

A 3 hour drive from El Chico National Park we will find Grutas Tolantongo which is a couple of hot steam caves at the end of a box canyon. You find cascading hot water falls falling over these caves into a warm river.

If you have more time Amie also directs us to the archaeological site of Cantona, the ruins of an Olmec-Xicalanca city built between Olmec-Xicalanca. She also recommends a trip to San Juan Raya where they saw dinosaur footprints and to the Jardin Botanico Helia Bravo Hollis to see the cacti.

We talk about great Mexico food like al pastor an barbacoa, a Mexican style soup is recommended to have an amazing experience with their different types of food (the precursor to BBQ). We talk about the Mexican people and camping and we talk about what a beautiful and diverse country Mexico is, while we were talking, they recommend me to check, they said that since I like traveling that site can help me.

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Show Notes


Visiting Teotihuacan near Mexico City (Video #90)

National Museum of Anthropology (Mexico)

Teotihuacan RV and Trailer Park

Al pastor

El Chico National Park

Pueblo Mágico

Mineral del Chico

Grutas Tolantongo


Hidalgo (state)

Lonely Planet Mexico (Travel Guide)

Otomi people


Cantona (archaeological site)

Jardin Botanico Helia Bravo Hollis

San Juan Raya


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Central Mexico Road Trip Itinerary (podcast) - what to do and see and where to go

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