AT#573 – Travel to the Yukon Territory

Travel to the Yukon Territory - What to do, see and eat - hikes, wildlife, restaurants, canoeing, and a flightseeing tour of the largest non-polar icefields.

Hear about travel to the Yukon Territory in Canada as the Amateur Traveler talks to Stephen Reynolds from Tourism Yukon about a recent trip that I did to his home.

Stephen says of a Summer visit, “The north in vernal is fascinating in general for a Summer visit, mainly because of the midnight sun. A lot of people who live down in the lower 48, southern Canada, and other places that we call south, you still have darkness and night and skies with stars and moons and things like that all throughout July and August and June. We don’t. Starting around the end of May, our sky goes light during the night and it stays bright throughout the entire night until early in August. Most of our visitors from the south find that that phenomenon alone is worth the energy and the effort it takes to come up here in the summer because it is something most humans don’t get to experience. I can guarantee you’re going to see midnight sun whenever you come up to the Yukon in June, July, or August.”

The Yukon is just a little larger than the state of California with only 38,000 people living there. There are 5 times as many caribou as people and twice as many moose. There is a lot of space and there are beautiful vistas.

The highlight of my trip to the Yukon was a flight seeing tour to the ice fields in Kluane National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. This amazing trip was capped with landing in a plane with skis on the Hubbard glacier.

We talk with Stephen about other activities in the outdoors in the Yukon including a number of hikes, canoeing and fly-in trips. If you want to guarantee you will see wildlife we also talk about a visit to the Yukon Wildlife Preserve where you can see moose, elk, caribou, deer, arctic foxes, eagles and musk oxen.

My visit coincided with the Adäka Cultural Festival which celebrates the culture and art of the First Nations. Stephen also tells us of other festivals that take place in the Yukon.

Since I did not get to Dawson City, which was the site of the Yukon Gold Rush, Stephen tells me what I missed and why you should not miss this former capital of the territory.

We learn some about the Klondike Gold Rush which had such a big impact on the Yukon and where you can still see its history, including the White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad.

I was surprised by the quality and variety of restaurants in and around Whitehorse and we make some suggestions where you can find good salmon and BBQ, but also where you can find flaming Greek cheese and authentic Mexican food.

Whether you come in the cold winter or the warm summer, whether you fly in or drive the Alaska Highway, learn why you should come to this beautiful corner of Canada.

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Show Notes

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Tourism Yukon

Whitehorse, Yukon

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Fish Lake Hikes

Grey Mountain Hikes

Nares Mountain Hikes

Caribou Mountain Hikes

Kluane National Park

Cottonwood Trail Hikes

King’s Throne Hikes

Auriol Trail Hikes

Chilkoot Trail

Bennett Lake

Major General Sir Samuel Benfield Steele

Yukon Wildlife Preserve

Who What Where Tours

Yukon River Quest

Adäka Cultural Festival

Video of Northern Cree at 59th GRAMMYs

Twin Flames

Haa Ḵusteeyí Celebration in Teslin

Moosehide Gathering – Dawson City

Atlin Arts and Music Festival

White Pass & Yukon Route Railroad

Keith Wolfe Smarch

Dawson City

Klondike Gold Rush

Tombstone Territorial Park

Dempster Highway

Top of the World Highway

Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall

Dredge 4 – Dawson City

Northern Lights

Winter activities

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Southern Lakes Resort

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Giorgio’s Cucina

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Travel to the Yukon Territory - What to do, see and eat - hikes, wildlife, restaurants, canoeing, and a flightseeing tour of the largest non-polar icefields.

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